Weekend Wrap

By Dan Froomkin
Special to washingtonpost.com
Monday, May 3, 2004; 7:28 AM

I'm out Monday; the regular column will resume on Tuesday.

But in the meantime, so we don't all fall terribly behind, some key stories from Saturday and Sunday:

On the 9/11 Commission

9/11 Commission: The Panel Tones It Down (Newsweek)

Contradicting Bill (Time)

Panel Expected Shorter Bush-Cheney Visit (Associated Press)


President Declares Iraqi Life Better (Washington Post)

U.S. Tries to Calm Furor Caused by Photos; Bush Vows Punishment for Abuse of Prisoners (Washington Post)

Bush Cites Racism in Remarks On Iraq; President's Target Unclear (Washington Post)

Bush Defends Year-Ago Claim Of End of 'Major Combat' in Iraq; President Appeared Under 'Mission Accomplished' Banner (Washington Post)

For Bush, Same Goal in Iraq, New Tactics (New York Times)

Conflicting Observances of 'Mission Accomplished'; On the anniversary of Bush's declaration, he defends the Iraq war as two veterans dissent. (Los Angeles Times)

One year later: Iraq mission accomplished?; President's political standing remains strong despite 'tough times' (NBC)

Mission Not Accomplished (CBS)

Bush remarks from Friday appearance with Canadian Prime Minister Martin (White House)

President's Radio Address (White House)

White House Correspondents Dinner

Celebrity Central At White House Scribes' Soiree (Washington Post)

Bush Tempers Jocular Correspondents Event (Associated Press)

Bush Praises Troops at Annual Journalist Dinner (Reuters)

Bush makes no jokes about weapons of mass destruction (AFP)

War no joke for Bush at correspondents' dinner (CNN)

One night a year, Washington kicks up its heels (Christian Science Monitor)

Cheney Watch

Cheney's Five Draft Deferments During the Vietnam Era Emerge as a Campaign Issue (New York Times)

Cheney sprinkles wit into talk to FSU grads; The vice president kept it nonpolitical after criticism over an earlier address. (Orlando Sentinel)


Bush's Space Initiative Stalled; Questions, Doubts Mount in Congress (Washington Post)

The Ventriloquist Jokes Don't Bug the White House (New York Times)

First lady joins thousands for Polk salute to troops; Laura Bush called troops back from war "the face of American compassion" in an event Gov. Bush said will be oft-repeated. (Orlando Sentinel)

Bush Executive Powers in the Balance; Supreme Court Opinions Expected to Define Authority to Combat Terrorism (Washington Post)

Bush tour to tap 'regular guy' appeal; The president will travel by bus through the Midwest this week, taking common touch to key swing states. (Christian Science Monitor)

Campaign Provides Fertile Ground for Comics (Reuters)

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